US Special Forces leverage AI for C-UAS missions

Lattice guard tower. (Photo: Anduril)

Anduril will provide AI-based C-UAS software for US Special Forces.

The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) on January 19 awarded Anduril Industries an IDIQ contract, worth up to $967.6 million over ten years, to operate as an integration partner for C-UAS (SIP) systems.

Anduril was one of 12 companies to respond to a SIP Prototype Project Opportunity Notice issued by USSOCOM in November 2020.

The advisory described the “increasingly complex environments” facing SOF, especially as adversaries have harnessed the power of autonomous systems to challenge US air supremacy.

USSOCOM acknowledged the emergence of “service-delivered solutions” to deal with the modern threat, but warned that they “do not meet the unique requirements” for SOF-optimized solutions that reduce cognitive load on operators .

Accordingly, USSOCOM sought a SIP to bring together a family of systems that combine sensors and effectors to meet the changing needs of SOF operators.

Anduril’s approach to C-UAS (already adopted by USMC) is based on its Lattice AI software backbone that combines computer vision, machine learning, and mesh networking to merge data into a single image of autonomous operation.

The AI ​​operating system and a network of sensors autonomously detect, classify and track targets, alerting operators to threats and enabling options for mitigation or engagement.

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