The new real estate investment platform distributes its first dividends

NEWPORT BEACH, California, December 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Elevate.Money, a new investment platform that allows investors to gain exposure to real estate through fractional ownership and earn a share of potential rental income, distributed dividends for September, October and November 2021.

The company allows investors to buy shares of its real estate investment trust (REIT), which focuses on single tenant and net lease “(STNL) properties.

STNL real estate relies on a tenant paying 100% of the rent due on the property, which allows Elevate.Money to take an in-depth look at the property through its proprietary financial model, Elevate Lens +, which is shared with investors on its site Web.

The company analyzes the lease and other legal documents and carefully examines the financial strength of the tenant as well as the surrounding area. Elevate.Money’s goal is to purchase fully leased STNL properties from existing businesses such as dollar stores, fast food restaurants, car washes and gas stations.

“We have achieved one of the main goals of Elevate.Money,” said Sach jhangiani, co-founder and marketing director. “We wanted to offer more investors access to commercial real estate and the launch of our platform as well as the release of dividends supports this premise.”

Elevate.Money’s REIT collects rental income from tenants and then distributes dividends to its investors net of expenses. Dividend distributions are either paid in cash or reinvested in additional REIT shares, at the option of the shareholder. Cash dividends are deposited directly into the designated bank accounts of the shareholder.

“There are many new investment platforms available and what it is like to be an investor has changed. Day trading, Reddit forums, and even well-designed, easy-to-use apps like Venmo have positioned “wealth technology” as the way forward for millennials and Gen Z manage their money, ”Jhangiani said. For generations, many high net worth investors have allocated part of their portfolios to real estate and for us at Elevate.Money it was important that we offered the same opportunities at an entry point that made it accessible to many more people. ‘investors. “

Elevate.Money’s initial investment is only $ 100, inferior to the purchase options of many other platforms, and users do not need to be accredited to start investing.

“Most American companies rent out their properties,” Jhangiani said. “And thanks to Elevate, you can become their owner; our platform gives access to this asset class to those who otherwise could not enter the market. “

“We are proud of what we have built,” Jhangiani said. “We have adopted a philosophy that everyone should be able to build real estate wealth, paired it with contemporary design and technology systems for wealth management, and are already showing returns for our investors. “

About Elevate.Money
Raise.Money launched by the co-founders Harold Hofer, Alex cruttenden, and Sachin jhangiani ‘s mission is to make real estate investment accessible to more investors. In early 2021, the company raised $ 1.7 million in seed capital from renowned investors such as Walter Cruttenden, Ray wirta, Brian Niccol, and Scott Boras. In September 2021, Elevate Money launched its platform allowing users to buy shares of its private real estate investment trust (REIT) with as little as a $ 100 purchase. Learn more about

Investing in the common shares of Elevate.Money REIT I is speculative and involves substantial risk. The “Risk Factors” section of the Offering Memorandum contains a detailed discussion of the risks that should be considered before investing. These risks include, but are not limited to, illiquidity, total loss of invested capital, limited operating history, conflicts of interest, blind pool risk and any public health emergency. STNL investments carry additional risks if the sole tenant defaults or goes bankrupt. In addition, there can be no assurance that Elevate.Money REIT I will be able to achieve its investment objectives or access targeted investments such as those identified.

Distribution payments are not guaranteed and may be changed in the future at the discretion of the Board of Directors of Elevate.Money REIT I. Distribution payments may be partially funded by the fees at which the advisor and the provider. REIT real estate services have waived. Fees so waived will not be reimbursed by the REIT at a later date. Distribution payments will not consist of repayment of shareholder capital or borrowings.

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