Tesla’s Giga Texas facility draws closer to operations following new deposits

Tesla is getting closer to starting manufacturing all-electric vehicles at its new factory near Austin called Gigafactory Texas. Production could begin very soon, as new documents filed with the Texas Appraisal Review Board (ARB) reveal each project’s impending completion dates, as well as its value. The drafts were individually filed by Tesla and officially registered with the state of Texas on November 19, essentially alluding to their approval and registration in the state’s public records.

Tesla has successfully filed and registered Gigafactory Texas white body, stamping, molding, painting and general assembly facilities with the ARB. The documents were originally shared by @MarcoRPTesla on Twitter.

Looking closely at the documents, both the start date and the completion date are listed, and Tesla says in the records that each of the installations will be completed on December 31, 2021, which would likely put the start of production in January. . Earlier this year, during the Tesla Q3 2021 earnings call, the company’s chief financial officer Zachary Kirkhorn indicated that the automaker would not be expected to start production in Texas or Berlin this year. . Kirkhorn said it wouldn’t be because Tesla isn’t ready, but because of regulations in each area. Kirkhorn said:

“But that’s still our goal and all of our plans are geared around that. We – because – we shouldn’t expect us to be delivering cars by the end of 2021 from these factories even though we are producing them. – therefore homologation, regulatory reasons. “

That being said, it looks like parts of the Giga Texas facility prepped for electric vehicle production are ready, or as close to being as they will be. Joe Tegtmeyer, a resident of Texas and a daily visitor to Gigafactory Texas as a drone operator, said Tesla is producing test vehicles and conducting on-site training to start preparing employees.

Gigafactory Texas has been approaching initial production for several months. Photos and videos have been posted regularly since installation, suggesting that production testing of the Model Y has been underway since August. Model Y casts were spotted en masse in the facility as recently as September.

Tesla Model Y body casts start to pile up in Giga Texas

Tesla will begin production at Gigafactory Texas with the Model Y, and the Cybertruck will follow in late 2022 if all goes according to plan.

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Tesla’s Giga Texas facility draws closer to operations following new deposits

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