Tesla teams up with little-known casting company to develop Giga Press

Tesla is partnering with Exco Technologies Limited, a Canadian company specializing in the design and development of dies, molds, assemblies and castings for automotive companies, the company’s CEO confirmed during a call on the results earlier today.

Tesla has long focused on manufacturing efficiency, and arguably the most efficient and popular has been the introduction of the Giga Press. The Giga Press is a massive casting machine developed by the Italian company IDRA, which helps Tesla to cast the chassis and bodywork of its all-electric vehicles quickly, efficiently and quickly. Tesla worked with IDRA to develop huge Giga Press machines for use at Gigafactory Texas and Gigafactory Berlin. Giga Press machines are already in operation at the Tesla factory in Fremont, Northern California.

Tesla begins manufacturing Giga Press at Fremont plant, first sighting in action

It now appears that Tesla’s casting and molding technology partnership goes way beyond IDRA. Earlier today, Exco Technologies hosted its Q3 2021 earnings call, in which it explained how Tesla is revolutionizing the way motor vehicles are made across the industry. CEO Darren Kirk said (via In Search of the Alpha):

“A key trend that will continue to benefit Exco is the increasing complexity of die-cast aluminum components. Tesla has really pushed the boundaries on this front by using massive Giga presses, which are die-cast machines that are much larger than those used before. This allowed Tesla to cast entire subframes of the vehicle in one go with Giga castings, rather than assembling many stamped metal components in the body shop, creating space and savings savings. important manufacturing efficiency. The tools necessary to facilitate this process are very vast and extremely complex, limiting the number of actors able to compete effectively. Our Castool division is already the main supplier of all shot and tooling for Tesla Giga presses worldwide. This gives a clear indication of the depth we have in the design and the know-how required to meet the challenges of the industry. We expect traditional OEMs to follow Tesla’s lead in using these larger die-cast machines as they transition to a future EV.

Kirk said his Castool division, which is an Exco-owned molding and stamping entity, already supplies Tesla’s Giga presses with end-of-turning tooling parts. Kirk has said he expects Exco’s relationship with Tesla to continue to thrive, particularly with regard to Gigafactory Texas and Gigafactory Berlin.

Kirk also indicated that Exco is involved with Tesla across “all of its divisions,” but he did not detail any explicit evidence that would show how Tesla is helped by Exco, other than with the final tooling. Peter Sklar, analyst at BMO Capital, asked how the two companies worked together, and Kirk said, “Well, I’m not going to talk about who supplies these molds today, but I will say that all of our divisions are involved with it. You’re here. at some level. And they are a big and growing customer in all areas, and we see a significant opportunity to develop that. “

Casting could perhaps be Tesla’s biggest benefit as it continues to ramp up manufacturing and assembly efforts at its facilities. The castings of each of its vehicles can be made in seconds, effectively revolutionizing the way auto bodies are made. Tesla also showed that molding will play a central role in the company’s decision to switch to a structural battery, which will increase the safety and rigidity of the vehicle in the event of an accident.

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Tesla teams up with little-known casting company to develop Giga Press

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