Tesla cancels huge solar roof price hikes for some customers

  • In April, Tesla raised the prices of its solar roof for customers awaiting installation.
  • A customer whose roof price increased by $ 75,000 has filed a class action lawsuit.
  • Tesla’s attorneys said the company will help some customers return to the original price.

Tesla Solar Roof customers who were hit by massive price hikes in April may be able to recover their original prices, according to a court document released Thursday.

The document, as spotted by CNBC, comes from a class action lawsuit filed against Tesla in May by Matthew Amans, a customer who suffered a price hike of $ 75,000.

In June 2020, Amans made a commitment to have a Tesla solar roof installed on his house. In March 2021, he agreed to pay $ 71,662.06. Over the weekend of April 10, Tesla raised the price to $ 146,462.22.

Amans was not alone, customers of Tesla Solar Customers who had signed a contract but had not had their roofs installed were hit by price increases.

An Amans case document filed Thursday says attorneys for Tesla informed lawyers for the plaintiffs on Monday that the company plans to allow some customers to recover their original prices.

The record reads: “Tesla’s attorney informed the plaintiffs attorney that Tesla recently launched a program for customers who signed solar roof contracts ahead of the April 2021 price changes to bring those customers back to their homes. original price (if they were subject to a price increase in April 2021). ”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on an earnings call in April that the company made “significant mistakes” in calculating how much it should charge customers for the solar roof, which resulted in price increases.

The solar roof is the flagship product of Tesla’s solar power division. Rather than installing panels on a client’s roof, it is made up of individual shingles, which are also solar cells.

Tesla did not immediately respond when contacted by Insider for comment. Tesla’s attorneys were listed as having signed the document.

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