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For years, the government of President Vladimir Putin has been criticized for Moscow’s refusal to move quickly to clean energy. However, recent power shortages in China and India have shown that Russian unsustainable energy is an effective solution when power outages are in sight.

Several Chinese provinces have suffered power outages in recent weeks as the supply of coal falls short of demand.

Several Indian states imposed power cuts in October, which sometimes lasted up to 14 hours a day.

Coal supplies about 70 percent of India’s electricity needs and more than 60 percent of China’s, according to the International Energy Agency.

Europe is also grappling with rising electricity costs as natural gas supplies fail to meet the needs of economies that are finally on their feet after 20 months of the coronavirus pandemic, as reported Al Jazeera.

The irony is enormous as leaders or envoys from these countries will join discussions on slowing global warming in Glasgow for COP26 later this week.

Moscow recently pledged to send up to 40 million tonnes of coking coal to India each year.

Europe is also relying on Russian fossil fuels as it argues for additional gas from Gazprom beyond what the state-owned company is contractually obligated to supply.

He is also looking for Russian coal.

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Mr Bros says the current energy crisis risks undermining the credibility of Europe’s ambitious plans to quickly switch to green energy sources.

Steve Herz, international climate policy adviser at the US environmental group Sierra Club, told Al Jazeera that this reliance on Russian resources could have been avoided.

“I would say that if countries had embraced green sources more aggressively ten years ago, we wouldn’t be in this situation,” he told Al Jazeera.

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