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In these uncertain times, it seems more appropriate than ever to recognize and reward those who have excelled in healthcare – Health challenge is delighted to sponsor the Irish Healthcare Awards this year

FFor more than a decade now, Challenge has been providing personalized compensation solutions to Irish healthcare professionals. Compensation is a constantly evolving field. This means that it is important for Challenge’s healthcare team to be aware of the changing coverage needs of their clients and to refine their services accordingly.

Whenever the needs of healthcare professionals change, Challenge responds. Just recently, they started offering cyber liability coverage as standard in their individual consultant, GP and dental indemnity labels, following the HSE cyber attack.

“It’s crucial that we constantly update everything we offer,” said David Walsh, MD, of the Challenge Healthcare team, speaking to IMT. “Health care is changing so fast. The needs of today’s healthcare professionals are very different from what they were 20 or even five years ago. “

The company was founded in 2006, before deciding to focus exclusively on healthcare in 2012. They saw that consultant compensation was an extremely urgent issue and turned their attention to it.

Prior to the creation of Challenge, a consultant could go to a single compensation provider if they wanted to obtain coverage. By establishing itself as a trusted resource for Irish healthcare professionals in need of liability insurance, Challenge has helped stabilize the market – and engaged hundreds of healthcare professionals in the process. Today, 65% of Consultants have taken the Challenge.

Indeed, the strength and success of the Challenge brand have been the basis of its growth in recent years. By gaining the trust of the healthcare industry, the legal profession and insurance companies, they have made life easier for all of their clients. This includes of course Consultants, but also general practitioners, dental practitioners, as well as company clinics and hospitals.

Build a solid reputation
Having such a strong reputation means they could change the market for the better. Among their proudest accomplishments is the belief of major health insurance companies like CAN and Allied World in the merits of underwriting private health care exposure.

“We have excellent relationships with all relevant industry stakeholders,” says Walsh. “This way, we can ensure we continue to provide comprehensive coverage and competitive medical compensation premiums to all of our valued customers. “

The State Claims Agency plays a key role in the compensation structure for consultants within the Irish private hospital system. Having a close and positive working relationship allows Challenge to understand how its compensation products should work. In other words: they have their ears to the ground.

As readers of IMT As you will know, all private physicians are required to provide proof of adequate compensation levels to the Medical Council each year. Challenge also works with their on-site registration team, allowing them to provide clear and specific advice to their clients on this process.

Protect healthcare professionals and their patients
Dealing with potential lawsuits is difficult for anyone, in any field. Being sued for malpractice can be an extremely difficult and traumatic experience for healthcare professionals.

Earlier this year, research published by Dr Mary Tumelty, Senior Lecturer in Law at University College Cork Law School, found that being sued for malpractice can have a “destructive emotional impact” on individuals. health professionals. This is partly due to the time it takes to resolve cases, but also the associated financial costs.

Comprehensive indemnity coverage is essential to protecting patients and sustaining the healthcare system itself – given the human errors that will unfortunately occur in a pressurized environment such as a hospital.

As physicians work to prevent errors in a healthcare setting, insurers need to be there to deal with the financial implications of injuries.

“Claims assistance is an important part of our local service delivery, we have some of Ireland’s most experienced forensic staff who are available to help our doctors when they need us most. Walsh continues.

“I cannot stress enough the importance of having this support when being sued or dealing with a regulatory issue. The complaints process is something that we are continually trying to improve.

Challenge’s vast experience tells them that the cost of complaints, as opposed to the frequency of complaints, is where improvement is needed. “Across the industry, we need to reduce the time it takes to process a forensic file and reduce the costs involved. “

In the meantime, as Challenge strives to keep costs down for healthcare professionals involved in legal matters, they will continue to provide the most comprehensive service possible.

This is an infomercial on behalf of Challenge Healthcare.

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