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Bola Onigbogi, Chairman of the Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers (NCRIB), called on northerners to champion the cause of insurance growth in Nigeria using its huge population. She said this to Kano, when awarding the NCRIB brand ambassador to Aminu Ado Bayero, the Emir of Kano.

Lamenting the poor performance of insurance in the north of the country despite its huge population, the president deduced from statistics that the level of acceptance of insurance as a risk mitigation device is low. in the north.

While she explained that the Nigerian insurance industry does not yet occupy its rightful place in the country’s economy for reasons of poverty, culture, among others, she further asserted that it was necessary to put in place an appropriate risk mitigation practice – insurance – to avoid future damage.

“It is for the purpose of giving personality endorsement to the NCRIB brand, in line with the direction of my board leadership functions, that few prominent Nigerians have been chosen as the Council’s brand ambassador,” he said. she explained.

According to her, the important historical and economic importance in the scheme of things of the nation, in terms of population, hospitality and richness of culture and tradition that is present in the north and in particular in Kano can be used to distribute insurance in the part of the country.

Describing the Emir of Kano as one of the most revered traditional rulers with whom any worthy individual or professional group should identify, Onigbogi noted that the Emir is the third Nigerian to be granted Ambassador status of the NCRIB brand to this day.

“It is our hope and our prayer that Your Royal Highness deploys your position of influence as father of all to constantly enlighten your many subjects on the advantages of insurance for their property and their life, above all, the need for them to purchase registered insurance. brokers to fully maximize the value of their insurance, ”said Onigbogi.

Babba Dagundi, a representative of the emir, pledged to use the position of the emir’s council to help the NCRIB break down the barriers of the misconception and poor acceptance of insurance in the region.

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