MSI Mobos will leverage “OC engine” for OCing budget Intel non-K processors: 5.1GHz boost with 26% performance gains

One of the main strengths of the 12th Gen Intel Alder Lake-S processors is the renewed emphasis on budget SKUs. With these chips you can for the first time overclock even the cheapest non-K processors using the BCLK lag in the BIOS. This allowed enthusiasts to push the boost clocks on these parts up to 5 GHz. MSI has taken a step in this regard by equipping some of its motherboards with a system called “OC Engine”.

Source: chi11eddog

This feature is enabled using a special IC built into the motherboard, namely the Renesas RC26008 which is a programmable clock generator for overclocking and PCIe Gen 5. This generator allowed the vendor to push the Intel Core i5-12400 boost clocks as high as 5.1 GHz on all coresgiving a 26% performance boost in Cinebench R23.

Source: chi11eddog

This figure was reached by increasing the CPU BLCK at 127.5MHz (from 100 MHz) which yields a gain of 16% in peak clock. The Core i5-12400 has a single-core boost clock of 4.4 GHz and an all-core boost of “only” 4 GHz. The stock processor scores 12,525 points in the multi-threaded Cinebench benchmark which is pushed to 15,843 points when overclocked to 5.1GHz. This represents a net performance gain of 26% in a heavily threaded workload like Cinebench. Pretty impressive.

The Core i5-12400F is currently priced at $169 while the The MSI MAG B660M mortar costs $159.99 which should let you build a high-performance gaming PC for $1,000 if you add a high-end GPU such as the GeForce RTX 3070 Ti.

Source: WCCFTech

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