Match-Trade taps TakeProfit to introduce “Dynamic Leverage with a Timeline”

Match-Trade Technologies LLC, a California-based FX technology provider, is introducing a new risk management tool for forex brokers through a new partnership with fintech software developer Takeprofit Tech.

Match Trade

The collaboration involves a Takeprofit MetaTrader 4/5 plugin called “Dynamic Leverage with a Schedule”, which makes it easy to adjust leverage based on a trader’s equity or balance on a schedule set by a broker. . This features dynamic leverage planning which allows forex brokers to set up and manage margin and leverage levels for all traders.

The calendar is also customizable as it allows setting a specific leverage for any trading account based on its exposure or the volume of open positions. Additionally, it allows brokers to offer a wider range of leverage, with an option to adjust for volatility based on market news. Thus, the solution reduces risks for brokers while protecting their clients from being in the red. Settings can be changed at any time and they will be applied in real time.

Match-Trade’s competitive fixed fee structure allows forex brokers to manage and forecast their technology costs. The company’s offering meets the diverse needs of brokers, ranging from hosting services and white-label MT solutions, data feeds, to bridge and aggregation technology and risk management system for A Book and B Book brokers.

Chris Dankowski, Director of Business Development at Match-Trade Technologies, commented on the partnership: “The Match-Trader platform was designed to provide clients with the best trading experience. If we see an opportunity to improve it, we take it. We have been cooperating with Takeprofit Tech for years, trusting their solutions. I think adding dynamic leverage with timing to Match-Trader will also benefit brokers and traders.”

Match-Trader helps forex brokers build a strong brand

Valentine Piotrovich, Head of Business Development at Takeprofit Technology, explained, “Since the start of the pandemic, there has been a lot of news that agitates the market and poses new challenges to overcome. We are happy to provide a solution that meets client requirements and enables brokers to manage their risk without making drastic changes to trading conditions. »

Match-Trade’s portfolio also includes a cryptocurrency solution for FX brokers and crypto exchanges, and the company says it has become one of its most sought-after solutions. The platform provides flexible reporting tools for creating real-time and ad-hoc reports that can be easily viewed from an interactive web interface.

Additionally, the company offers matching engine technology and has made several new integrations with external systems, including OneZero, PrimeXM, Fortex, and Fair Trading Technology (FTT).

Additionally, the FX trading technology company offers a free trial version of the app that allows forex vendors (brokers, prime brokers, and other LPs) to test and evaluate all features.

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