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Customer experience is important to your business. If it’s memorable, it will set your team apart from the competition. Here are five easy-to-implement ideas for creating a lasting experience for your customers.

1. Use your team. As agents we start by doing it on our own and quickly feel overwhelmed being both an expert in marketing and sales, knowing how to measure parts, take pictures, keep everything on track and on time, paint. a bathroom, etc. Calling on the team creates a better experience for your customer. With your team working together in their specific areas of expertise, you can easily meet all of your clients’ needs. Everyone is responsible for their own role, and your customers will see the difference between you and 99% of other agents.

You don’t have a team yet? Outsource. You’ll spend a little more of that expensive commission, but it’ll free you up to take more clients and show them you’re a pro.

2. Introduce yourself. The best teams of agents make their presence known. Be present during inspections, sit with your clients at the closing table, and be visible at community events your clients are likely to attend. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the importance of showing up virtually too. We all have out of town buyers and sellers, and scheduling a video meeting is far better than a phone call any day of the week. Again, part of the experience is seeing yourself and working with you.

3. Keep in touch. While this is easy throughout the transaction, it could be argued that the real customer experience begins after closing. In my company, we take the experience to a new level once we have been paid. This is where it all begins: the gift that keeps on giving. Create systems for regular phone calls and even pop-bys. Never lose contact and you will never be forgotten.

4. Remember the anniversary. Each year, send a handwritten card to your customers during the month of their closing anniversary. If they’ve been through multiple transactions with you, commemorate the first one. We call it “the anniversary of our partnership”. Recognizing this important anniversary helps create an ongoing experience.

5. Celebrate. Host at least one event per year for past and present clients. By doing something fun and being yourself, you’ll attract like-minded customers. The majority of business for a successful agent team comes from referrals from past clients, and a good event will get you five to 10 referrals. Do this every year and it will be part of your customers ‘and clients’ experience for years to come.

Sarah Bernard is a Workman Success Systems senior coach. She helps her clients build high-level teams while sharing tactics and systems for greater success in the real estate industry. You can reach her at [email protected] Where www.linkedin.com/in/sarah-bernard-real-estate.

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