Leverage: Redemption preview: LeVar Burton stars in Beth Riesgraf’s debut film (VIDEO) | Television


As seen in the clip, Burton plays a small town librarian, Mr. Blanche, and batter Eliot Spencer (Christian Kane) and designer Breanna Casey (Aleyse Shannon) spy on her from the batteries. He is “never married, no passport,” she notes. “The guy really doesn’t like going far from home. He only made headlines once, 10 years ago. When they tried to shut down the library. M. Blanche led the charge to save him.

As Breanna finds out after doing her thing on the library computer (“oh, you look gorgeous antique”), he reads many – 10,000 pounds over 30 years, about one per day. It’s mostly fiction (mystery / detective, action-adventure, horror / fantasy, paranormal romance), and he checked Shogun ten times.

“What will our story be for our librarian to be the hero of the day?” Crook Sophie Devereaux (Gina Bellman) wonders. “I don’t think a sprawling feudal Japanese saga is going to work.” But she has a cute kimono – and she’s not the only one:

According to his character description, Mr. Blanche is “very kind, empathetic and extremely popular with the townspeople.” A voracious reader, he fantasizes about being a hero like in the books he reads. Blanche is quietly battling stage 4 cancer and when the team finds out, they plan an imaginary adventure to cheer her up.

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