Kolkata plans to leverage this technology to catch traffic violators

Kolkata plans to harness this technology to catch traffic violators

Kolkata traffic police are looking for new ways to tackle traffic violations and it seems that a solution has yet to be found in cutting edge technology. Okay, let’s clear it up a bit – the city’s traffic police are keen to put artificial intelligence to work. To what end, you ask? Well, to help catch those cyclists who choose to ride two-wheelers without a helmet. In addition to monitoring users of two-wheelers without a helmet, artificial intelligence will also be used to help identify illegally parked vehicles. Local traffic police intend to add an AI that will analyze images from the more than 2,500 CCTV systems installed in the city to determine in real time those violators of the aforementioned traffic laws.

It should be noted that the authorities in Kolkata have been working on this plan for some time now; Kolkata Police have requested presentations from experts in order to establish an in-depth understanding of exactly how artificial intelligence and machine learning could be harnessed in this particular context. However, a final plan has not yet been identified and presented to state authorities.

New technologies are decidedly effective when it comes to identifying traffic offenders, but that is not the only reason the Kolkata traffic police are considering dealing with them. The use of AI and other advanced technologies will also help protect traffic police personnel who are subject to a high degree of risk when attempting to report and / or arrest violators.

According to an ETAuto report, Kolkata Police are working on a handful of such projects which will involve installing appropriate software in CCTVs capable of reading license plates and in central control room servers. These are just the basic details of the project; additional details are being extracted by experts and authorities to help reduce the threat posed by trafficking violators.

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