Itching for a high end gaming rig? Try a Tesla Model S


Eelectric car company You’re here (NASDAQ: TSLA) might have a solution if you are looking for a spotty gaming rig. New versions of Tesla Model S and Model X cars are equipped with the same hardware as Sony puts in the latest and best PlayStation 5 game console.

And it’s not intended to power the vehicle’s dashboard or infotainment systems, either. No, the high-end hardware only kicks in when a passenger kicks up an actual game on the built-in screens.

Image source: Tesla.

What’s up?

The inclusion of an in-car gaming system hasn’t exactly been news since Tesla announced it in January. The restyled interior of the next Model X and Model S comes with a third screen for rear passengers. The system comes with 10 teraflops of processing power and is compatible with wireless game controllers. All of this was already known.

After an introductory presentation at the Computex 2021 conference, we know where all this digital power comes from. Tesla is based on the PS5 combination of Radeon RX 6800M mobile graphics and Ryzen 5000 main processors. It is the cutting edge of mobile chips from Advanced micro-systems, designed to deliver high-end processing speeds with minimal power consumption.

What’s the big idea?

Putting this high-caliber material in an electric car might sound silly, but the market is actually ripe for the idea. A global semiconductor shortage has driven up the prices of gambling chips everywhere. At the same time, modern graphics chips are excellent for mining Ethereum tokens, and this digital currency has seen prices skyrocket from $ 240 to $ 2,750 over the past year.

Therefore, cryptocurrency enthusiasts scavenge many cards destined for the gaming market, leaving store shelves bare and player wallets empty. An old-fashioned Radeon RX 580 card that cost less than $ 250 in November now carries a price tag north of $ 700. It’s still a good deal compared to high-end hardware like the Radeon 6800 series.

Due to the low number of graphics chips available and the high demand for the PS5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X systems, it’s nearly impossible to get your hands on any of these popular platforms. If and when you find one, you could pay a big bounty as the scalpers take their cuts.

In the context of a luxury electric car where prices start at just under $ 70,000, a few hundred dollars more shouldn’t make much of a difference to the average potential buyer. The presence of a branded gaming experience can be the last straw that governs vehicle choice for a well-heeled gaming enthusiast family.

A young man leans forward, wearing headphones and holding a video game controller.

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Elon Musk Classic

The PS5 level game platform inside Tesla Model S and Model X cars may not be a revolutionary idea. However, this is another prime example of how CEO Elon Musk is pulling all available levers to align the Tesla brand with its target demographic.

It wouldn’t even surprise me if he let your car mine Ethereum or Dogecoin tokens when you are not playing games. Just another move on the Elon Musk brand.

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