How Embee Helps Small Businesses Grow By Leveraging Microsoft’s Modern Workplace for Remote Work Solutions with VirtuaPlace


The COVID-19 pandemic has been a game-changer for many small and medium-sized businesses as it has pushed them to embrace digitalization while working in remote or hybrid environments. The wave of digital transformation has allowed these companies to add new capabilities and accelerate their growth journeys, even in a challenging business landscape. According to a McKinsey Global Survey managers, companies have accelerated the digitization of their customer and supply chain interactions by three to four years.

For many of these companies, Microsoft 365 has been an integral part of their remote working toolkit, as it has helped them collaborate seamlessly despite not working together in an office. With popular apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 provides budding businesses with cutting-edge productivity tools with features like cloud services, advanced security, and device management that help them manage their business in a more professional way.

What sets these collaboration and productivity solutions apart is that they come with enterprise-grade security, so businesses can be managed securely, even remotely. These tools are compatible with Android and iOS devices. The applications provided with the Microsoft 365 Business Basic toolkit are Word, Excel, Outlook, OneDrive for Business, PowerPoint, Yammer, OneNote, Office 365 Admin, Outlook Groups, SharePoint, Office Delve for Office 365, Microsoft Teams.

To this end, Embee Software Private Limited helps small businesses obtain Microsoft 365 licenses easily and competitively through its e-commerce portal – VirtuaPlace.

VirtuaPlace might have been born out of necessity as a result of the pandemic, but it’s a one-stop solution for companies looking to modernize their organizational culture with Microsoft products.

One stop shop for affordable remote working solutions

Embee’s technology e-commerce portal offers licenses for four types of plans – M365 Business Basic, M365 Business Standard, M365 Business Premium, and M365 Apps for Business – at very affordable prices. For example, the most basic plan – M365 Business Basic – costs as little as Rs 100 / per user each month.

In a regular store, a business may struggle to obtain these licenses at prices as affordable as those offered by Embee. Plus, unlike a regular store where one would only get an initial cost estimate, Embee’s new portal also has a built-in payment gateway that allows businesses to purchase licenses instantly. Embee’s decision to offer Microsoft solutions at affordable prices was driven by the challenges that small businesses often face in their growth journey.

Embee’s new service is not only cost effective but also saves time compared to the usual options available to businesses. Under normal circumstances, a business would first seek out reliable licensing providers, compare quotes, evaluate the plan that best suits their needs, and then finally make a purchase.

“Usually this process takes almost a month. With VirtuaPlace, the purchase can be done in minutes in just 4 simple steps. We also have a dedicated team of Microsoft experts ready to support a customer every step of the way, ”says Shivani sharma, AVP-Marketing, Embee Software.

Once a company has selected and purchased a plan, the Embee team supports them in setting up and configuring Microsoft 365 solutions, based on the customer’s needs and budget. Microsoft experts working with the company can also help businesses in case they are unsure which plan is right for their needs.

Helping small businesses move towards greater efficiency

At the same time, Embee has a dedicated team that enables businesses to migrate to Microsoft 365 solutions from their legacy systems for increased efficiency and productivity while working remotely. The company’s support team makes sure the migration process is seamless and runs smoothly. Even after the suite has been activated, Embee’s team of Microsoft experts provide 24/7 support to its customers.

With the pandemic making virtual meetings a standard, Embee makes it easy for budding businesses and their employees to adapt to Microsoft teams with its low-cost training programs that ensure a minimum adoption of 40%.

Since launching in late 2020, VirtuaPlace has served over 300 SMBs and onboarded over 80 clients, enabling them to meet their remote workplace needs, ranging from M365, Octane HRMS, ERP, Azure Cloud solution and Moreover. .

Driven by the phenomenal success of VirtuaPlace, Embee has more plans for the future. “We are working on the modernization and extension of the platform. We are working to reduce the time it takes to purchase Microsoft 365 licenses and bring it down to just two minutes, ”explains Shivani.

The company also provides businesses with online Microsoft Azure cloud services on its e-commerce platform that can help increase productivity, strengthen security, and optimize costs with cloud migration, among other benefits. Its cloud solutions on Microsoft Azure meet the needs of SMEs within specific timeframes and costs and lead them to unleash their full potential.

Embee’s success in helping SMBs get ahead amid the pandemic with Microsoft 365 solutions is supported by the trust our customers place in it. An industry leader with over three decades of experience, Embee has also won the Microsoft India Area Award 2021 – Cloud Innovation Partner of the Year, for Azure and MWS. These annual awards recognize Microsoft partners who demonstrate excellence in innovating and implementing appropriate customer solutions based on Microsoft technology.

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