Housing association seeks companies for £ 197million maintenance contract


A housing association is looking for companies for a £ 197million maintenance contract.

Walsall Housing Group will appoint three contractors for new building installation, roof renovation, environmental work, passive fire protection work and general maintenance work on its properties in the West Midlands borough.

The initial contract is for seven years, but the association said in a review that good performance and value for money could see contracts extended for three years.

It will be divided into three lots depending on the location. The first lot, worth £ 82.7million, will cover around 8,200 properties in the north of Walsall, while the second lot will cover around 6,900 properties in the southern part of the borough and will be worth 69 million. of pounds sterling.

The third and final lot, worth £ 45.3m, will cover 4,500 properties in the eastern part of the borough.

The contractors and the client will also have the option of a no-fault termination clause, which they could trigger annually and with six months’ notice. Walsall Housing Group will have the right to redistribute the contract to one of the other contractors if the termination clause is triggered.

The association will only consider entrepreneurs with an annual turnover of at least £ 18million. In addition to this, contractors will also need to purchase Employer Liability Insurance worth £ 25million, Liability Insurance worth £ 25million, Professional Liability Insurance ‘worth £ 5million and all-risk contractors insurance worth £ 25million.

Interested entrepreneurs are requested to send their offer here before September 23 at 3 p.m. The group plans to award the contracts on October 11.

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