GUEST COLUMN: How to Leverage Influencer Marketing for Better Impact


New Delhi: One of the biggest benefits of influencer marketing is the level of relatability and relevance it brings across categories. Whether it’s a product and service offering or a message for a cause, influencer marketing is versatile in this way to meet all campaign goals.

Not only that, influencer engagements wonderfully trigger real-time conversions and generate a clear call to action that successfully fulfills specific brand agendas. Influencer engagements, which serve as a testimonial produced by a legitimate and credible source, are arguably more effective and impactful because they involve a humanized and personalized approach that other areas of marketing may not offer.

Influencer marketing is not only extremely important in championing branding criteria, but it has also been shown to have a positive impact in social and nonprofit areas. With the second wave of COVID-19 gripping the entire nation terribly, influencers have actively taken on the burden of using their mass reach and following to disseminate useful information related to Covid. They have taken the responsibility to avoid misinformation and to go ahead and validate the appropriate and authentic sources.

Influencer marketing is quite malleable in this way because it can respond to the need of the hour and adapt accordingly. For example, now is the time when people are spending more and more time at home; influencers display the presence of mind to tweak their content in tandem with this, which greatly increases the relatability quotient.

The simple trick is this: influencers act like brand ambassadors without really making it very obvious.

With their massive audience and reach, they can control their influence over their audience – which is highly impressionable – in a very relatable way. They act like the perfect thought leaders who are loved and trusted by their audiences by seamlessly shaping the outlook for brands.

Influencer marketing works like word of mouth on a larger scale where the influencer gives their friendly opinion about a product and recommends that the public buy it. Often times, they make their audience’s trip more rewarding by offering different discount codes. Ultimately, all stakeholders benefit equally.

(Ramachandran is the CEO and Founder of Whoppl, a Mumbai-based influencer marketing agency. The opinions expressed in the column are personal and cannot subscribe to them.)

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