GDVD has just launched, offering income through dividends

GDVD is actively managed, investing in dividend-paying equity securities. The advisor uses quantitative filters (such as dividend yield, return on invested capital, free cash flow and revenue growth measures) followed by bottom-up qualitative research at industry and market level. company to identify companies that it believes have the commitment and ability to pay dividends and whose potential capital growth should be above average, according to regulatory filings.

R Cubed acquired the fund and its portfolio manager, Cliff Remily, from Principal. Although the name of the fund has changed, the strategy has remained the same. The fund has an expense ratio of 88 basis points.

GDVD aims to provide current income through dividends. Currently, stock dividends are taxed more favorably than bond coupons and interest on bank deposits, according to the firm. The fund actively seeks companies that the advisor believes have the willingness and ability to pay and grow their dividends over time.

GDVD offers diversification in the way it identifies the best opportunities. Managers will consider stocks of any size and won’t know whether it’s growth or value, depending on the company.

The portfolio manager, Remily, has been managing growth and income portfolios for almost 20 years, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the strategy.

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