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By creating an enabling environment and facilitating open innovation, industry-university collaborations enable students and institutions to take advantage of the latest technologies and trained minds to gain maximum exposure to skills development. This joint effort promises the country and skilled and innovative international professionals with potential ideas and a passion to lead the transformation. Manav Rachna has collaborated with globally recognized industries to deliver the best in classrooms and provide adequate exposure for students.

Microsoft: B. Tech CSE with specialization in IA & ML / Cloud Computing is offered in collaboration with Microsoft giving students access to specialized technology, tools, facilities, expertise and adequate resources in Azure, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Security Suite, AI & Machine Learning, Cloud Security, Red Hat, among others. Students are exposed to hands-on learning and exclusive case studies on the implementation of technology in the existing software industry.

Xebia: Cloud, DevOps & Automation / Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (with Xebia) is delivered in specially designed Agile classrooms (the first in India). Agile teaching pedagogy includes a teamwork orientation and an emphasis on project work where faculty and student progress is visible on special panels. Curriculum, online course material, technical discussions, remote / on-site internship opportunities are provided by Xebia.

Amazon Web Services: CSE professional specializations are offered in accordance with AWS (Amazon Web Services), Google and Infosys. Program design, research and training support for AWS.

IBM: Students pursuing B.Tech Digital Forensics and Cyber ​​Security (with IBM) complete a week-long Industry Interaction Program at IBM in Bangalore. Students have access to an online Platform-Innovation Center for Open Standards ecosystem and experience a live computing environment.

M.Tech Automation and Robotics (with Mitsubishi) is offered in conjunction with Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi Electric India: M.Tech Automation and Robotics (with Mitsubishi) is offered in association with Mitsubishi: An advanced factory automation lab and center of excellence at Manav Rachna that train students in the latest iQR setup testify to the strength of this collaboration. It is the first robotics laboratory set up by MEI in North India. Students are also exposed to SCADA software for monitoring and analysis.

Transneuronal technologies: B.Tech Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Intelligent Manufacturing and Automation allows students to complete the Industrial Automation Certification Program offered in conjunction with Trans Neuron Technologies. The partnership offers students over 120 hours of classroom contact, labs and hackathons; 40 contact hours per semester by Industry Expert; one-year industry login module; and internship and placement assistance with several other benefits.

Altaïr & Designtech: The Altair Center of Excellence with world-class infrastructure was created to work on CAE-related projects.

QuickHeal: B.Tech CSE with specialization in Cyber ​​Security and Threat Intelligence is offered in conjunction with QuickHeal to enhance mindfulness and redesign the capabilities of engineering graduates. Creation of the Cyber ​​Lab with the status of “Research and Training Center”; and regular technical interviews, seminars and webinars by experts.

Bombay Stock Exchange: BBA-Banking and Financial Markets is offered in association with the Bombay Stock Exchange which aims to empower students to solve problems and make responsible and responsible decisions. Joint certification (MRIIRS & BSE) awarded after successful completion of post-training assessment.

Daikin Center of Excellence
Daikin Center of Excellence

Daikin: The Daikin Center of Excellence: Heating, ventilation and air conditioning – Air conditioning for the HVAC laboratory has been established on campus. This center provides hands-on exposure to students and helps them acquire new technologies practiced in the air conditioning industry, including VRV technology, R-32 refrigerant and Inverter technology.

Intel company: B.Tech ECE with specialization in IA and IoT is offered in collaboration with Intel® Corporation. Students have access to Intel® Intelligent Systems Lab and are licensed to Intel® Parallel Studio software to perform research related to the field of AI and IoT.

Truechip: B.Tech ECE with specialization in Design and Verification VLSI is offered in TrueChip association providing a letter of intent upon admission. 20 modules are designed by Truechip and Futurewiz based on current industry requirements and also offer end of course certificate.

ESSCI & Applied Materials: Center of Excellence for Solar Photovoltaic Skills established on the Manav Rachna campus as a joint initiative of the Electronics Skill Sector Council of India (ESSCI), Manav Rachna and Applied Materials. 3KW Solar System was assigned to carry out experimental work during the training program.

IHG- The Crowne Plaza: B.Sc. Hospitality and Hospitality Administration students get industrial training and industry exposure to develop hospitality skills, improve employability, and acquire skills and finesse rare with senior professionals at The Crowne Plaza, IHG.

Ui path: This collaboration opened the doors for Manav Rachna students to work on UiPath’s suite of tools for designing robots used in computer automation work. Students have access to UI Path Studio software and learning materials. A certificate is awarded upon completion of the learning modules available on UiPath’s LMS.

Sahai Research Laboratories: B.Tech ECE (Specialization in Health Technologies) is offered in association with Sahai Research Labs. Students have the option of choosing a minimum of 20 course credits in health technology; they receive advice and support for patent filing and in-house certified industrial training facilities with a stipend. Extension center established by Sahai Research Laboratories established on campus to provide ongoing guidance in project-based learning.

CISCO Networking Academy: Students have access to 17 high-quality IT and IT-domain programming courses from CISCO, which include programming courses in Python, C and C ++, Linux Fundamentals, IoT and many more. Here, the NIIT Foundation functions as a support center for the Academy. Students also have the opportunity to work on various projects in real time.

This industry-driven approach gives Manav Rachna an edge, making its classrooms one of the country’s leading learning centers. Expert advice from industry and academia catalyzes both learning and experience.

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