Fort Regent, Jersey

The winning team will develop a ‘visionary master plan’ for the massive 19th century fortification overlooking St Helier Marina which was redeveloped in the 1970s to feature a recreation center and a spectacular wave-shaped roof and rotunda on its former parade ground.

The project aims to transform the old historic military base into a “multi-facility destination” serving both locals and tourists. Teams from outside Jersey are encouraged to partner with local businesses to apply for the position, which will involve obtaining general consent for the redevelopment of Fort Regent and a detailed building permit for a new heritage trail.

According to the brief: “The redevelopment of the fort will provide a multi-facility destination creating a major attraction for islanders and visitors, which will revitalize the fort as a major cultural and recreational destination for the island.

“The client wants to ensure a cohesive design that will create a cluster destination that as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts, but also maintains a level of flexibility and is adaptable to facilitate future changes in social, economic and environmental. To do this, the client wants to appoint a creative design team with broad planning and community planning capability as well as business expertise to ensure deliverability of proposals. ‘

Fort Regent is a large ancient citadel located on Town Hill near the 16th century Elizabeth Castle and Port Elizabeth of St Helier. The historic fortress was redeveloped in the 1970s to accommodate an iconic recreation, sports and events center that was recommended for enrollment eight years ago.

The latest multi-phased project will transform the 6 ha site into a new ‘mixed-use commercial and landscape development’. New elements planned include winter gardens, recreation center, casino, event hall and outdoor playgrounds for children.

The winning team will consist of an architect, a landscape architect, an engineer, a heritage consultant, an urban planning consultant, an environmental consultant and a transport planner.

Shortlisted teams will each receive a fee of £ 5,000 to participate in the second phase of the competition. Applicants must hold £ 10million of employer liability coverage, £ 5million of third party liability insurance and £ 2million of professional liability insurance.

The deadline for submitting applications is January 7 at noon.

How to register

Visit the competition site for more information

Contact details

Daniel De La Cour
States of Jersey
Treasury and Resources Department
St. Helier

Email: [email protected]

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