Ensurem partners with Lifestyle Icon to help seniors live their best lives

LARGO, Florida. (PRWEB) February 16, 2022

Research shows that Americans are living longer, but not necessarily healthier. Eighty percent of adults age 65 and older have at least one chronic health condition, while 68% have two or more comorbidities. (1) “For many seniors, our lifestyles may change after retirement and then continue to change year after year,” says Dave RichCEO of Assurem, Floridabased on the insurance technology and product delivery company, “The key to living a healthy, balanced life despite these changes is finding solutions that work for you.”

Regular doctor visits and chronic disease management are a vital investment in your health and well-being, especially as you age, notes Rich. Yet this is only one facet of a healthier and more balanced life. This is why, in addition to offering seniors Medicare health insurance solutions allowing them to consult their doctor on a regular basis, Ensurem has joined forces with Denise Austina healthy life icon.

A wellness ambassador for 40 years, Austin has sold over 24 million exercise videos and DVDs. She is a bestselling author, the creator of Fit Over 50 magazine, and a champion for people who aspire to live their best life, regardless of their age or current health status.


“Ensurem has a long history of supporting the empowerment of seniors through Medicare education and providing them with health insurance plan options that meet their unique health and budget needs,” says Rich. “Our partnership with Denise Austin allows us to expand our reach and provide seniors with more options to help them live their best life, regardless of their age or current health status. »

“It’s not about what an older person can or can’t do. It’s about understanding what works for them and making real, meaningful life choices. Eat well, stay active and maintain a positive attitude are key factors in living your best life,” says Austin. .

Medicare and you

Seniors, Rich says, can get some help from their healthcare providers to make these lifestyle changes, since Original Medicare provides coverage for a wide range of preventive tests and services. (4) Certain Medicare Advantage plansRich Notes, goes well beyond these preventative measures, covering gym memberships, massages, acupuncture, healthy food cards, over-the-counter perks, and more.

Coverage and premiums for these plans vary by region, Rich points out, so seniors interested in lifestyle support should speak with someone knowledgeable in the field to understand their options. If covered seniors want to change their 2022 Medicare Advantage plan, he notes, they are free to do so. During the current Medicare Advantage open enrollment period, which is ending March, 31st, Medicare Advantage beneficiaries can switch to another Medicare Advantage plan or leave the program altogether and enroll in Original Medicare. (5)

With advice from a lifestyle expert like Denise Austin, who herself turns 65 this month(6), seniors can reap the benefits of better health, better nutrition, a more positive attitude and a more fulfilling lifestyle. and health oriented. “Getting old can be a blessing, not a burden,” says Rich. “With the right support, older Americans can better enjoy their individual lives and simultaneously improve the overall health of the nation – a win for all concerned.”

“I chose to partner with Ensurem because, like me, they care about helping people,” says Austin. “My Ensurem agent, Andy, was amazing! He explained my options to me and, rather than pushing me to buy something I didn’t need, Andy recommended that I stick with my current plan because it suited my lifestyle better. That’s the Ensurem difference!”

About Ensurem:

Ensurem, headquartered in Largo, Floridais a leading technology and product distribution company serving carriers and consumers in the vast we senior market. The company offers Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, vision, dental, hospital benefit, and terminal expense insurance. It also provides end-to-end solutions for insurers, including product development, digital marketing and consumer-centric insurance technology. For more information, please visit assurem.com.

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