Elon Musk and Tesla promise a futuristic new car

Elon Musk and Tesla (TSLA) – Get the Tesla Inc report revolutionized and continue to transform the automotive industry.

Nearly 20 years after the company was founded – Tesla was founded in 2003 – they are finally seeing their dominance and achievements become the benchmark to be copied by both historic automakers and new car makers.

But CEO Elon Musk and Tesla don’t seem to want to rest on their laurels. On the contrary, they want to knock out the competition and tighten their shackles.

Musk has just opened a fourth vehicle production plant. This factory, based in Austin, Texas, is Tesla’s second production site in the United States. The other two are in Shanghai, China, and near Berlin, Germany. The company therefore has a factory on three different continents, which allows it to serve important markets, starting with China and Europe, the two largest EV markets in the world. The four factories have combined production capacities of at least 2 million units per year at the peak of their production capacities.

2023, a defining year for Tesla

Elon Musk promised in January’s fourth-quarter earnings call that he would announce new factory locations by the end of 2022.

This punching power will allow Tesla to meet soaring demand for electric vehicles, as competitors struggle to manage supply chain disruptions triggered by the covid-19 pandemic and exacerbated by the Russian invasion of the Ukraine.

But as if that weren’t enough, the mogul has just announced a product roadmap to make the rest of the industry green with envy. In 2023, Tesla promises to produce the highly anticipated Cybertruck, a new Roadster and the Tesla Semi. The company also hopes to launch production of its humanoid robot Optimus. It’s worth mentioning that Tesla already markets the Model S luxury sedan, Model X luxury SUV, Model Y SUV, and Model 3 entry-level sedan.

If Tesla keeps its word, the group will offer a vehicle in almost all segments of the electric market: sedans, SUVs/Crossovers and pick-ups/trucks. As if that were not enough, Elon Musk has just made a new promise, which has gone almost unnoticed.

A Futuristic Tesla Robotaxi

Tesla is working on a new vehicle and not just any.

“There’s going to be a dedicated Robotaxi that’s going to look pretty futuristic,” the tech mogul said April 7 at the grand opening of the $1.1 billion Tesla factory in Texas.

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This is not the first time that the billionaire has spoken of the Tesla robotaxi.

In April 2019, Tesla held an event called “Autonomy Day” to showcase the self-driving technology the company is building into every Tesla.

“I am very confident in predicting autonomous robotaxis for Tesla next year, the billionaire said at the time, before announcing a vast plan for 1 million cars of this type circulating on public roads by the end. end of 2020.

For Musk, the robotaxi meant self-driving cars, capable of operating without anyone inside and capable of picking up passengers and delivering them to random locations. Basically a robotic version of Uber (UBER) – Get the report from Uber Technologies, Inc. or Lyft (LYFT) – Get the Class A report from Lyft, Inc..

Tesla therefore planned to make the existing Model 3 the basis of a fleet of autonomous taxis.

In view of Musk’s new statements, the robotaxi will therefore be a new vehicle that does not currently exist in Tesla’s portfolio. It will be a new model with a completely new design.

However, no other details or specs were shared. For example, the contractor did not provide a date of entry into production, and did not show any visuals.

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome to realize this promise would be to reach level 5 of autonomous driving, in other words where a car can drive itself without the presence of a human behind the wheel.

The driver assistance system currently being developed by Tesla, Full self-driving (FSD), sold for $12,000, does not allow vehicles to be autonomous. But Musk has promised that the FSD will be perfected and should make Tesla cars self-driving by the end of the year. It is important to note that the billionaire has already made this promise several times without ever realizing it.

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