Capitalizing on Golden State Warriors’ talent with Klay Thompson will be tough

Leverage talent between Jordan poole, Klay thompson and twice MVP Stephen curry isn’t going to be easy for Golden State Warriors head coach Steve kerr.

While the Splash Brothers have proven they can play alongside another talented superstar when they are up front Kevin Durant joined the team for three seasons, there isn’t a player in the world who has Durant’s skills coupled with his size and length.

The Golden State Warriors are expected to fire five-time All-Star shooting guard Klay Thompson on Sunday. It won’t be easy to make the most of all their talent.

It’s going to be a whole different challenge for the championship-winning coach. Poole made it difficult for Kerr.

While everyone knew Thompson was going to start when he came back, no one knew it would be for the team’s third-leading scorer. Poole has been tremendous this season, and that will justify a good number of minutes to move forward.

After trading for D’Angelo Russell in 2019, it looked like the Warriors were going to test the three-star long-distance plan. However, that didn’t last long as Russell was pretty quickly knocked down for Andrew Wiggins.

Now they have no choice but to see how they can make three stars coexist in their backcourt. Poole has erupted this season, averaging 17.5 points per game. He also solved his biggest problem, hitting 44.5% of his attempts from the field.

Of the nine playing duos who have shared the pitch for more than 500 minutes this season, Poole and Curry lead in net scores, even above Curry and Draymond Green. Both goalies have a net score of 14.1 when sharing the field.

Adding Thompson won’t be as easy as it sounds. The year before Kevin Durant was added, the Warriors’ main smallball squad had three forwards, including Thompson as a goaltender. It wasn’t three guards.

While that seems like a small fix, figuring out the dynamics and whether a Curry-Poole-Thompson-Green-Wiggins line can work is a whole different story. These five might have a hard time defending bigger centers like Deandre Ayton and Rudy Gobert.

If they can’t, the trio may not be able to share the pitch often. This will be something Kerr will need to quickly figure out, then work to get the most out of his Three Star Guards without that factor.

Still, it seems impossible for Poole’s minutes to drop sharply, if at all. He’s been a vital part of this team, and while it’s an experimental process, it’s going to be a process fans should no doubt believe Kerr understands.

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